For the past 160 years, CIC has forged its own path – and still does so today, thanks to its 20,000 employees who help over 5 million customers. A leading bank in France, it owes its success to its high level of initiative, ability to innovate, and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as its key values of solidarity, proximity and responsibility, which it shares with its parent company, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.

OFFERING TAILORED SERVICES to meet customer expectations

CIC strives every day to meet the needs and expectations of over 5 million customers by offering diversified banking and insurance services and additional products and services.


With CIC Auto, customers can configure and customize a vehicle then opt for a purchase or lease plan. The lease offers are flexible in terms of customer needs, lease terms, cash contributions and kilometers travelled.

CIC’s insurance solutions cover a wide range of protection needs including for vehicles, homes, healthcare, family, pensions, professional activity, loans and pets.

Payments instruments that are simpler and more secure. Since its creation, CIC has provided tailored solutions for its customers needs in terms of current accounts, payment instruments, savings and financing.

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