Lille's Agency

Lille’s agency, the Lille Metropolitan Economic Development Agency, helps the companies to settle in Lille Metropolitan area.

To do that, it operates in a 3 steps process:

1. Help the company to understand the market (macro level) and apprehend its new ecosystem (micro level):

a) Showing presence of companies of the same sector, having the same value chain, 
b) Meetings with experts (legal, technical), 
c) Talent pool: available workforce for the project, 
d) Cost structure (tax, labour, real estate, utilities, incentives…) and legal expertise

2. Once the company has defined its plan and schedule, Lille’s agency & its partners will be there to deliver: 

a) Site selection and all administrative compliance,
b) Financial engineering, 
c) Recruitment, ramp-up and talent mobility solutions, 
d) Communication and opening events. 

3. Finally, once the company’s site is operational, Lille’s agency will include its director/manager in L’ABC, Lille’s agency business club which
mission is to anchor foreign leaders in their new community in the most durable way.

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